What We Do

Colorado Springs Grout Cleaning is a service based business that specializes in grout cleaning and permanently restoring and color sealing grout. It's all we do! We provide free estimates and meet the client at their location. Whether it's the grout on your floor, shower or backsplash; we have a solution for you. You choose the color you want your grout to be or you can take our recommendations to point you in the right direction. Colorado Springs Grout Cleaning also serves both residential and commercial clients.

Grout cleaning

We use our proprietary grout cleaner to remove dirt and oil and open up the pores of the grout. We do this all by hand. No heavy machinery. This is one of the most essential steps in preparing the grout to be sealed

Grout repair/replacement

Our sealer is only as good as its foundation (the grout). While we clean the grout, we look for any inconsistencies. We will replace the grout in all areas needed.

Grout color sealing

Once the grout is cleaned and dry, it is ready to be color sealed. We have all colors to choose from. Each grout line is sealed by hand to ensure a proper seal.

Shower restoration

This service includes removing of all mold, mildew, and soap scum as well as cleaning the grout. We then remove the caulk and cure all mold/mildew where the caulk existed. We then color seal the entire shower, polish the tile, and re-caulk leaving you shower looking like new again!


This service is included in shower restoration and along the baseboards and door jams of floors if requested.

"We still can't believe you transformed our bathroom in a single day. It looks like a brand new installation and it cleans up with a simple dry rag..."

— Greg House

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